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Gel Ovations
8245 Quebec St. Commerce City, CO 80022
TEL # 888–435–6828 (888-GEL-OVAT)
FAX number: 888–368–9598

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Bigger / Better GEL Pads are now available for Sta-Rite™ systems

Customers have been asking for more pad options. They can be ordered as initial upgrades or as replacement pads for existing hardware.

When ordering new Sta-Rite™ hardware that comes with a 3"x4" flat GEL pad (AEP) as "standard", d90 upgrade the pad by selecting from Upgrades under Sta-Rite™. Ordering a pair of Sta-Rite™? Select Quantity = 2 when you want to upgrade both pieces in the pair with the same size pad or order 1 of 2 different sizes if that is better for the client.

Have clients with existing Sta-Rite™ hardware who need larger pads or greater protection, just order Replacement pads under Sta-Rite™.

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DREAD the need for CUSTOM pads?

Until now, CUSTOM was
          a four letter word WORK   
                   a five letter word: WORRY...
                         & a six letter word:  HASSLE.
The NEW additions to GEL Ovations™ line let you create custom fit in a flash with modular GEL parts.
Newest MODULAR Products 
     - Modular GEL ARM troughs
     - Modular GEL Tray edge guards

You asked for it !!!

Now - our G Series BOLT on Arm Pads are available in many more sizes and as PAIRS and SINGLES:

NEW = 2" by 10", 2" by 14" as well as 2" by 12" AND

3.5" by 10", 12", 14" and 16"

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Dimensional GEL slipcovers are now available for BOTH

        Corpus 2 Seating and Corpus 3 Seating systems.

Now these wonderfully comfortable wheelchairs have an option for even more comfortable arms.

Naturally, you also get the Gel Ovations™ benefits of better airflow,
less moisture, less shear, and better healing of compromised skin.

Click here for Permobil

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Toilet Seat PAD & Cover           NEWS

Let's talk dirty?


Many people use thousands of dollars of durable medical equipment to make life less painful and then there is the HARD toilet seat with no effective padding - until NOW.

The brand new Dimensional GEL™ GEL padded slipcovers for toilet seats are now available in FIVE sizes to fit standard home toilets, commercial toilets and bariatric toilet seats like those from Big John.

Our design team has solved all of the problems with toilet seats covers. 

Our padded covers:
  1) stay On even when the seat is raised.
  2) do not SKID on the seat while transferring.
  3) wick moisture away from compromised skin to aid healing.
  4) protect skin from the effects of shear, moisture, and bony bottoms.
  5) keep bottoms cool.
  6) are Easy On and Easy Off.
  7) are easy to clean and sanitize.
  8) most importantly -
          are comfortable no matter how long the person remains seated.

Click here for PADDED Toilet Seat Covers

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Revolutionary new pad           NEWS

The human calf is rounded BOTH top to bottom AND side to side.

Click here to see the new custom fit pads .
What will Product Management think of next?? Stay tuned !!!

Now the Best Solutions for Abrasion, Comfort,& Wounds
    ...for people using durable medical equipment.

                 Gel Ovations™

World's leading manufacturer of GEL products for

                 the Widest Range AND the Finest Quality

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Sta-Rite™ NOW - Quote and Order it Here

Sta-Rite™ is the BEST adductors, elbow stops, and accessory clamps.

Why?      Besides the GEL pads, you position them where you want them, and they Stay Right There!

How?       Attention to the details. For example, adductors are often attached to the leg rests. With competitors’ hardware, the clamp that attaches to the leg rest has a smooth interior and they tend to slip out of position under pressure. The interior surface of the Sta-Rite™ clamp is serrated to enhance the gripping and minimize slippage. Nice, and yet it still isn’t always enough. So there is also a set screw hole to allow a secondary gripping of the leg rest. That is what makes it Sta-Rite™. If you have been using POSAlinc hardware, you can even get quotes and place orders on the clamps only which fit the POSAlinc and make it Sta-Rite™ where you positioned it without replacing the entire part.

NEW  The Gel Ovations™ Product Line expands again... to serve our customersand their customers.  FLAT GEL pads are available in various thicknesses, sizes and shapes including CUSTOM. 

These FLAT GEL pads serve every imaginable need to provide soft and effective padding for patients and people in pain.  They are made from silicone GEL and remain consistently soft regardless of the ambient temperature... and they do NOT absorb liquids.

If you need a CUSTOM size pad, please fax or email your dimensional to us and we will provide a Quote.

Marketing Ideas...  How selling Gel Ovations™ products to your Hospital, Nursing Home and Rehab Facility customers money can Save them Money and Improve the Comfort experienced by their patients.

GelO News...  Just send an email to with the word NEWS in the subject.  The goal of the newsletter is to help you help your customers and improve your company's bottom line.

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